About Reconnect

Reconnect Mental Health is a service that is committed to providing young people and families with the support they need to help restore healthy relations within the family and wider community. In providing this service we work with young people, 12-18 years old, and their families where the young person has recently left home or is at risk of early home leaving, and where there are mental health concerns.


Reconnect Mental Health is also committed to developing community capacity through offering education and training; consultancy and support; and mental health information and resources.


Reconnect is a Commonwealth Government initiative to prevent youth homelessness, and is auspiced by The Salvation Army- Oasis Youth Support Network.


 TSA Oasis

About Us

Robert Boardman

Robert has a wealth of experience working with young people and their families in a variety of situations. He has a focus on facilitating change within people, their relationships, and looking at the things they want to “get better at”. Robert is currently “getting better at” photography, mountain biking, and even wood work (no he is not retired!).

He has delivered numerous workshops specialising in coaching, and mental health issues, as well as presented at various conferences around Australia. With a style that is a blend of theoretical and interactive- he likes to get people talking and use the knowledge we all bring in helping people get the most from training opportunities. Robert is a registered Psychologist and certified trainer, and has a Degree and post-grad qualifications in Psychology.

Email: robert.boardman@aue.salvationarmy.org


Michelle Booker

Michelle has up to 10 years experience working with young people and their families in a range of settings. This includes working with issues around substance abuse, mental health, youth homelessness, parenting and child protection to name a few.Michelle is a psychologist and is currently completing a Masters in Coaching Psychology at the University of Sydney. Michelle is interested in supporting people utilising a coaching framework.

Michelle’s passion lies in engaging others in theirs and making the most of it. Michelle has facilitated workshops ranging from suicide prevention, mental health, drug and alcohol, youth issues and child protection. Michelle has professional experience as a psychologist, manager, supervisor, caseworker counsellor, and coach.

Email: michelle.booker@aue.salvationarmy.org michelle pic

  Ian Heininger

Ian has more than 15 years experience working with people from a range of backgrounds as diverse as homeless youth, families, professional athletes, and corporate leaders. Ian is interested in promoting strengths and bringing out the best in people by motivating positive changes and engaging with challenging issues in a solution-focussed coaching approach.

Ian is a coaching psychologist and has extensive experience working with a plethora of complex issues. Ian has also facilitated workshops utilising a range of learning methods as diverse as theatre and formal seminars. Ian has professional experience as a psychologist, manager, supervisor, consultant, couple and family therapist, clinical caseworker and counsellor, community program designer, accredited mediator, and youth worker. Ian is the Director of Bridgebuild Coaching Psychology Services.

Email: ian@bridgebuild.com.au